Our friends animals

Your pet (dog, cat, bird) is welcome and you will only pay for him  5 euros per stay

Your animals will be happy

vue sur le parc roger salengro de l'hôtel de verdun nevers
Park Roger Salengro

Why leave your favorite pet at home? At the Verdun hotel, we will make sure that he is as well received as you.

Upon your arrival, we will pay attention to your pet who after a long trip deserves to stretch his legs in the park Roger Salengro located in front of the hotel, or to discover the room.

Once in the room, leave your pet free to discover his new place of life. If you are used to sleeping with you, no problem, we allow him to do the same with us.

If you go to work or go out at night without being able to bring your pet on all fours, you can easily leave it in your room in peace. For us pets are as important as our human hosts.

Special attention to your cat

Having ourselves many cats at the Verdun hotel, we easily understand that yours is disrupted after a long trip.

If you are coming ywith your cat, we put everithing for him to feel safely
Room for cat

No problem ! If you let us know at least one day before arrival, we will equip your room with a “feliway” outlet to relax the atmosphere, as well as a bowl of water and croquettes.

In case your stay is at least two nights or longer, we can also provide your pet, a cat tree and a toy.

With a little luck, your favorite animal will not spend the entire stay under the bed.