Welcome to bicycles

The hotel de Verdun is ideally located for your trip to Nevers. Located downtown, you will have all the time to enjoy your bike or one of ours to circulate in the old Nevers or make an exit in the agglomeration.

Nevers, a stop for bicycle

Bridge you cross to arrive to Nevers or to start the Loire river by bicycle
Nevers bridge over the Loire

The zero point of the Loire by bike is Cuffy, hamlet located about fifteen kilometers from Nevers. From the hotel de Verdun, you will have to cross the city in a few minutes through Place Carnot. Continue straight ahead to St Cyr Ste Julitte Cathedral. Go down behind the cathedral to reach the bridge that crosses the Loire.

It is the most friendly and fast route but it will be prudent in the descent. After crossing the bridge, you can reach the port taking the first street on the left and the beginning of the canal.

And you are left for Nantes via the Loire by bike in 15 days or for the more adventurous, the road to the east and Eurovélo 6 to the Black Sea. Some will choose rather the GR 3 or the way of St Jacques de Compostela coming from Vezelay.

Others will opt for crossings from north to south via departmental roads, in order to achieve their own tour of France.

In any case, as the motto says, all the roads lead to Nevers and the Verdun hotel is a stage for the many cyclists passing through our city of Burgundy.

Welcome to bicycles

Patio where you can park your bicyle
Patio for bicycle at the Hotel de Verdun

Our hotel in Nevers has a patio where you can leave your bike safely. However, if you want to be close to your favorite transport vehicle, you will have the option to put it in your room.

We also offer our cycling friends the equipment needed to repair or rinse your bike. We also have a foot pump to inflate the tires of the bikes.

From 2019 for our cycling friends has been created on the booking site in the name of La Loire à vélo. Your advantage:  Breakfast is at 5 euros for the non refundable room.

Finally for those who have not come by bike but want to enjoy the bike paths in Nevers or in its agglomeration, we offer three VTC bikes. You will be able to browse for a few hours the region and discover the wild landscapes of the Loire. This will give you a glimpse of what you can do and your next visit to Nevers, we will welcome you with your bike.

The bikes provided are only intended for our guests during their stay but we can also pick up bicycles rented by our customers from specialists in the sector.